What types of massage are out there?

Deep Tissue
A slower stroke with deep pressure. Great for removal of trigger points, and chronic adhesions.

A stretching-based style that uses physical therapy tricks to get muscles to release without the need for deep work in the muscle.

A Japanese-based style emphasized by slow broad pressure with the hands or feet.

A style of light pressure with sweeping strokes that most people are accustomed to.

An Ayruvedic technique akin to yoga where the practitioner takes you into the stretch.

A medical massage technique from China on specific acupoints.

Pregnancy Massage
A safe massage for the aches and pains associated with pregnancy.

How does acupuncture work?
Where Qi flows blood goes – if either stagnates in an area then the patient experiences sharp or dull pains. Acupuncture and herbs ultimately are designed to move qi and blood while supporting metabolic functions to promote healing.

What is Qi?
My first acupuncture teacher put it succinctly – “Qi is stuff”. Most Westerners identify it as energy of one sort or another, but this negates the physicality of Qi.

Does Acupuncture hurt?
It can for people in the West who stiffen at the thought of needles, but if done in Japanese style then you shouldn’t feel the needle go in or come out.

Are herbs safe?
Most definitely. Sometimes an herb may not agree with the stomach, or a rare allergic reaction can occur. Very few herbs have contraindications or negative side effects in the formulas we offer from the classic texts.

What can Energy Medicine treat?
Energy Healing can focus your metabolic processes to speed healing from injury, clear your mind and focus your thoughts, and promote emotional and spiritual growth at your own pace.

What is Energy Medicine and how does it work?
Energy healing... Everything that is living pulses with energy field. A healthy Human energy field emanates from your spine 3 to 4 feet as a sphere. There are also multiple energy centers on your spine. When the human energy field becomes depleted or distorted due to a physical, emotional or mental trauma this can cause a distortion or depletion structure that can eventually be harmful for your well-being. A trained energy healing practitioner through the careful placement of hands in the field can realign and revitalize the field.

What can Chiropractic treat?
Chiropractic treats misalignments of the spinal column, cranium and the extremities. This would include acute and chronic disc pain, sciatica or arm pain, lumbar or cervical degenerative conditions, scoliosis, migraine, or tension headaches.

How do I find the right Chiropractor for me?
Many times it is best to find a Chiropractor by referral from one of your friends who have been treated successfully for similar conditions as yourself. Other good referrals sources are your medical doctor, massage therapist, personal trainer or acupuncturist. Checking a Chiropractors area of specialty is important. If you are interested in sports chiropractic, nutrition or rehabilitation it would be in your best interest to find someone with compatible training.